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Subject: Grandmas Boyfriend (gay/adult youth, oral anal, b/M)DISCLAIMER:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual
acts of boy's discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of
sex between an underage boy and adult males... If this type of content
offends you or you illegal nymphet russian are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for
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distasteful the please leave now. If you enjoy the story or if it evokes
memories of your own, please let me know. I am happy to write stories
from outlines.Copyright 2011 Wolf, All rights reserved.You may contact me at whitewold999icqmail.com if you like. hot nymphets toplist All
flames will be ignored. Grandmas Boyfriend
Wolf My favourite place to visit was my grandmother's. She lived in
southern California. Her home was located near the Pala Indian
Reservation, just off of Pala nymphets nude teen Road. It was a big sprawling ranch style
home. Grandma was a Creole from New Orleans. You couldn't believe
she was 57-years-old by looking at her. She was a tall woman with great
legs, broad ass, and huge tits. I never saw her when she didn't have
stockings on. She preferred foundation garments to enhance her figure.
Her girdle doubled as a garter belt, and breast support. I thought she
was the most beautiful woman in the world. When I was young I liked to play in her half basement, because it
was furnished and the coolest place in the house. When I was 9-years-
old grandma had a boyfriend, named Mr. Charlie Gaston. He was 60-
years-old. He was a dark colored nigger, with a full head of gray hair
and mustache. He was very brawny...big arms, broad chest and deep
voice. His forearms and shoulders were tattooed with naked ladies.
They were a reflection of his being in the Marines during the Vietnam
War. He was a retired California Highway Patrolman. Charlie and I became very close, and he liked for me to sit on his
lap a lot. nymphets art photo gallery While I was sitting on his lap in the basement he started feeling
my crotch. I got a boner that wouldn't quit. It embarrassed me, but
Charlie assured me that it was natural for boys to get boners all of the
time. It was not as if I didn't enjoy playing with my pecker. I had
started playing with it when I was four-years-old...it seemed like I had a
boner all of the time. I remember my Mom catching me with my pants down behind
the clothes dryer with my head thrown back, eyes closed and whining
while I masturbated. She whipped my ass, but I couldn't stop. I was
jacking off constantly. I was always trying to catch her naked or in her
lingerie. I was always sniffing her panties and nymphet video post
bras. I was about 6-years-
old when I put her panties over my head, while jacking off. Mom must have complained to grandma about my activities,
because grandma assured me that I could smell her underwear all I
wanted. She was also not shy about letting me see her naked. By the time I was 9-years-old I was a tall lanky boy. I had dark
hair, and I was approaching puberty like an out of control freight train.
My pubic areas toplist nymphets porn were still hairless, but I had a large cock. I was well
aware of the size of my cock, because I had seen other kids in the
neighborhood and three of my classmates. Mr. Gaston had hooked up with my grandma, a telephone
operator, when I was little nymph models 9-years-old. He was always telling me how good
looking I was. I enjoyed the attention, but I noticed that he never
complimented me or said those things when grandma was around. By
that time I was spending all of my weekends at her house. Of all of her
seven grandchildren, I was the only one living close enough to visit
regularly. A lot of times she worked on Saturday or Sunday, because she
was a supervisor. On those occasions I was left in Charlie's care. I really liked having him looking after me, because he would let
me ride on the back of his Harley Davidson, and take to the Camp
Pendleton Marine Corps Base to visit his old buddies. When grandma
was working Charlie would parade around the house naked. That was
when I got to see that he had a purple penis tattooed on the right cheek
of his ass. I started parading around the house naked too. He liked to
use baby oil to make his body shiny. I remember asking him why. He
told me that he did it because it felt really good. We started oiling each
other after that. His nipples would get really big while I was applying oil
on his body, and his cock got a big boner. We would be talking while we
were running our hands slowly over each other's chest, butts, and legs. While he was oiling me he started stroking my cock for me. He
played with me until I had a dry climax. I quivered like a leaf, so he
knew I had cum. He placed my oily hand around his cock. I jacked him
off until he squirted cum all over my face. With each visit we continued
our games. We sucked cocks until I was old enough to cum. That was
when he decided nude nymphets sites
I was old enough to be fucked. I was begging him to
touch me, so he told me that I was ready to lose free nymphets galleries my virginity. Charlie laid me on the floor of the basement face down. He stuck
a firm pillow under my hips to elevate my ass. He held my ass open with
one hand while he poured oil onto my asshole. Then he mounted me just
like he mounted grandmother. When he entered me my asshole throbbed
with every heartbeat. He fucked me hard and fast, while holding onto
my shoulders. Between the baby oil and my sweat I was dripping all
over the rug by the time he squirted cum in my ass. I suspect that my grandmother knew that Charlie was fucking me.
There was no way she could not figure it out, as many times as he fucked
me. nymphets nude young We were fucking each other until I was 17-years-old. nymphet models link
relationship only ended when his relationship with grandma came to an
abrupt end because he apparently got caught fucking around with
another black bitch. Granny could handle him fucking his old marine
buddies, but couldn't accept him cheating with another woman.If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about
your introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send your outline
to whitewold999icqmail.com

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